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Top Ten Ways To Avoid Your Life Work

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

I have compiled a top ten list of favorite strategies used to avoid bringing our gifts to the world, offered in the spirit of celebrating the breathtaking resourcefulness used to avoid our magnificence and keep ourselves safe from rejection and humiliation. What we can make light of, we can often be more  at choice with.  Here’s to humor and playfulness in life.

1) Trust your Fears. #fear #dream #worstcasescenario Be certain that you will be unable to afford health benefits or earn a living. Dream up your worst case scenarios—don’t dream small here.

2) Say YES to Everything. #yestoeverything #frenzy #notime Fill your life with distraction and drama. Make sure you don’t have any time to reflect. Go for Frenzy!

3) Believe that there is no connection between mental and physical well being. Eat poorly and don’t get exercise. Check out Facebook and late night reruns.

4) Seek out Relationships that are Demeaning to Self Esteem. #critics #selfesteem

Cultivate critical, stuck, depressed friends and authority figures.

5) Strengthen your “Yes, BUT” muscle. #yesbut #startsmall #notenough Start small here. Determine the lack of feasibility in anything that you are interested or excited by.   If you need help here then check in with demeaning friends and family members (#4)

6) Stick with the Three C’s:  Compare, Compare, Compare. #compare #compare #compare Compare yourself to others. Be relentless here. Allow the expertise of others to undermine your unique vision and credibility.

7) Practice the Safe Step Method.  Don’t risk anything. #norisk #safestep #overrated This is simple, if it’s not a sure thing then don’t waste your time. And besides, risk is way over-rated.

8) Look Backwards. #lookbackwards #nothappenedyet Determine goals and outcome based on what has happened in your life based on the past.  A new motto to repeat when you get a tad visionary:  If it hasn’t happened yet, it ain’t going to.

9) Polarize your Possibilities, Make Either/Or Choices. #eitheror #polarize #noway Practice pitting possibilities up against each other, for example: Either I can start writing my book OR I can earn a good income. Polarize here– challenge yourself. Keep trying.

And of course, see your options as dependent on some future success: “I can do my life’s work when I win the lottery.”

10) Commit and Move Back. #commitphobic #deadendjob #fear As soon as you commit immediately decide you need to do something different, like work at a dead-end job.   At that point go back to  #1, Trust Your Fears.

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