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What Does Love Want?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

“What does Love want from Each Sign?” held the assumption that these 12 signs had a style of loving and also a quest in love. By no means does this even scratch the surface of the exploration. My apologies in advance for excessive distillation of the essential nature of each archetype. If you feel I missed the essence of your sign, it is probable that something else in your chart is prominent and takes the center stage off of your Sun’s astrological sign.

This was meant to be a playful, pithy bantering in honor of Venus.

What does Love want from each Sign? assumes there is a calling from Venus to love deeper and more fullheartedly.

Relationships bring us into new arena’s – they crack us open, stir us up – pour us out and cook on a high heat. We are wanting to love and be loved. Relationship is a meeting with the Other and OUR Otherness; they offer a journey to wholeness. So in the spirit of pure play and delight, here are the 12 sun signs – and if you know your moon, venus or mars –the expression of this sign and its love nature applies.

Aries — Seeks out action, challenge and change – thrive as leader, pioneer and visionary. Voted “Best Risk Taker” by the other Zodiac Signs. The ‘Just Do It’ contingent. They want an equal partner whom cannot be dominated and keeps them on their toes. They can be gallant and romantic, wooing and generous.

What does Love want?

A willingness to share, an attempt at patience, compromise, and the quest to balance power with receptivity.

Taurus — Seeks out security, beauty and ease. Thrives in pleasure. Collectors of beauty. Venus rules this sign. Voted “Most Sensuous” by the other Zodiac Signs. Desires partnership offering compatibility, trust, security, harmony and respect.

What does Love want?

New perspectives, flexibility, willingness to entertain possibility, to be open to influence; and consider the possibility that there are invisible and energetic realities beneath the physical. Relationship has us delve into the depth of the Others’ reality. Dive.

Gemini – Seekers, networkers, word-meister, butterflies of the zodiac, curious, playful, conversational. Thrive in stimulus. Voted “Best Schmoozer.” They want a partnership that offers intelligence, entertainment, novelty and laughter.

What does Love want?

The ability to sustain a relationship inclusive of freedom and commitment. Intimacy requires that we have emotional access to our heart and be willing to persevere and hold steady. Feelings can be a gold mine of knowledge, and relationship a path to unite the twins of your zodiac sign.

Cancer – Seeks out nourishment, emotional security, a sense of place or home. Thrive in family/tribe and must have a home that nurtures. Big hearted and protective sign. Voted “Most Imaginative, Sensitive and Nourishing.” They want a partnership that is emotionally safe, secure and connective, along with a home and family to nourish.

What does Love want?

Emotional steadiness and a creative outlet to balance their intake of others’ emotional undercurrents. Relationship requires that we know our own needs and desires along with attunement to our loved ones.

Leo — Seeks creative expression, natural leaders or Queens and Kings. Voted “Most Popular.” Thrives on recognition, approval and generosity. They want a romantic “Hollywood” partnership. Drama happens but in the end they want to live happily ever after. Adoration, loyalty and generosity is what they give and receive.

What does Love want?

To honor the specialness of the ordinary day-in–day out-love; the kind of love that is forged when one lets go of ideals and loves what is. Loving the whole enchilada.

Virgo – Seeks out self improvement and service. Voted “Most Competent and Best Common Sense” by the other signs. Loves to figure things out – deep and wide intellect: from engineer to wise woman. They want a partnership where they can be appreciated for their intelligence and be of service.

What does Love Want?

Virgo’s need a “wife” regardless of the gender of the person. They need to receive love and care. Love is a continual opportunity to release judgment and pickiness, allowing the joy of being cared for and given to. Drink in the chaos of Love. Play in the crazy imperfection of this arena.

Libra – The most relational sign of the zodiac. Voted “Most Congenial, Best Hostess, and Most Stylish.” Thrives in social interaction, desires harmony, balance, symmetry; leaders in the world of ideas about beauty and culture. They are the Carrie Bradshaw archetype: inquisitive about the give and take rituals of relating. Venus also rules this sign – Relationship is essential. Fairness and Ideals are drivers. 

What does Love Want?

To risk their heart instead of standing on the outside attempting to harvest or cull out the ideal; intimacy is deepened through relating to the real not the ideal. Harmony is lovely, and learn how to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Scorpio – The second most misunderstood sign after Virgo. Voted “Most Complex and Emotionally Intelligent (and comes with a sting.)” Voraciously seeks intimacy and transformation. Thrives in intense emotional interaction. Drawn to extremes, and as they age they hopefully become extremely moderate. They want a partnership that is emotionally, sexually and intellectually arousing and exciting, and which plummets them to their depths.

What does Love want?

The capacity to let go and be vulnerable. Let go of barriers to being loved. Trust is a secret ingredient in relationship transformation.

Sagittarius — Seeks adventure, travel; drawn to interior spiritual travel and/or outer world travel. Guided by freedom and truth. Voted “Renaissance Man/Woman” and often “Most Well Traveled and Educated.” And a new category of ” Most Able to Sell anything to anyone, if they believe in it.” Sag’s are peak experience collectors. They seek out new opportunities and feel most alive when faced with the next possibility. They want a partnership of independence held together by a commitment to a philosophy or spiritual or cultural ideal.

What does Love Want?

The ability to discover the rainbow in their own backyard, as well as finding the adventure of loving what is here and now. A shift of their focus to seeing relationship as inclusive of commitment and freedom.

Capricorn – Seeks mastery, leadership and accomplishment of meaningful goals. Voted “Most Sensitive to the World’s Opinion, Most Success-oriented and Most Likely to Achieve it.” Thrive when they have control of their lives. Relationship is a list of must-have’s and respect is essential, often based on a list of “must be this”. They want a partnership where they are working together for a common goal.

What would Love want?

Throw their heart to the wind and experience Love. Recover the spontaneous, romantic and idealistic land of love — let go of the must-haves so that they recover the dreams of love. Allow child-like innocence within to become partnered with inner adult.

Aquarius — Seeks to break out of the definition or typing of any sort. Freedom to Be Who they are; unique and strongly idealistic. Voted “Most Innovative and Best Team Player. ” Thrive in community of diversity with shared ideals. They want a partnership based on friendship and equality. The best partnership is one with lots of distance and space.

What does Love want?

Lean into the personal nature of intimacy. Learn that expressing feelings and needs are not a weakness. Intimacy requires the willingness to live in the land of messy feelings.

Pisces – Imaginative, intuitive fanciful and seeks transcendence; to escape limitation. Voted “Most Capable of Becoming Anything for Anyone” It is common for Pisces men to be accountants/engineers and women to be dancers and mystics. They are capable of going from rational to mystical. No way to pin them down. Love for a Pisces? The fantasy and romance of love – usually dramatic love affairs or fantasy about dramatic love affairs. What does Love want?

Love wants them to learn to love without sacrifice and develop a creative outlet so that they don’t lose themselves in giving or martyring. Fantasy is a poor substitute for an authentic relationship. Love wants them to let themselves receive love and give love, without equating love with rescuing, saving or martyring.


Judith is on a first name basis with archetypes and symbols.    As a professional astrologer with over 40 years experience, she continues to stand in awe of how Macro Systems and Micro Systems reflect each other. Astrology is an exploration of Mystery Unfolding through each of us. She can be reached at, or 415-326-6026.

© Copyright 2015  by Judith Duhl. All rights reserved.


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