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13 Truths for Today

The other day I stumbled onto a Ted Talk by Anne Lamott where she gave an inspired talk: 12 Truths I have Learned from Life and Writing. It inspired me to write my own version. I sat down to write it and it wrote itself. I wonder if it will change tomorrow or in a week?

This might become a monthly post to see what truth wants to come forth to be shared.

13 Truths for Today

1) Be Kind. Choose Compassion. Start with yourself. It will get easier after that.

2) Be uncertain especially when you are certain of your knowledge.

3) Mastery is the ability to use failure to keep improving

4) When life is not going the way you hoped, grieve your losses.

Then trust that life has other plans.

5) Gratitude is a practice. Practice it every day.

Even if you are not really grateful for anything. This might be a fake it until you make it practice.

6) Commit. The act of committing will have you hit the walls that keep

you from surrendering to something larger than yourself.

7) Chocolate is a food group - no matter what anyone says.

8) Laugh. If there isn't anything to laugh about, or anyone to laugh with,

collect clips of movies or stories to start you chuckling.

It is fun and breaks us open. You can also breathe deeply but laughter is more fun.

9) Cultivate a sense of wonder at the diversity of life.

10) When feeling depressed, get to bed early and read or listen to a good book. A good book is worth its weight in gold and jewels.

11) Leonard Cohen pretty much summed it up in his song Anthem: "Forget your perfect offering There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in"

12) Learning new things is essential to thriving in life.

13) Make up your own list of truths. It serves to remind you that

there are truths that you have actually gleaned from life.


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