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More About Judith 

I have a lifetime of skills, techniques and practices to support my clients through their next steps: over 25 years as a Certified Co-Active Coach & Master Certified Coach,  22 years as a Human Resources Manager in the tech industry,  50 years of yoga and meditation practice,  Reiki Master, writer, fiber artist, gardener and wilderness lover.   


My love of learning and commitment to growth and transformation has fueled my life.

These experiences form a cauldron of wisdom, humor and compassion which clients have relished and found transformative.

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A few personal morsels: 

I am a chocoholic (pure and at least 72%  dark.)   

I cultivate ordinary magic and the conversations that call this forth.   

I am a practical intuitive.

 My garden is wild.










I grew up playing the game of ‘Chinese Checkers’,  becoming the champion in my family.  Many years later I would mentor my son,  who took my title from me once he could integrate “go with the flow” strategically. 


My sense of humor and creativity is honed from having raised my son as a single mom.  A personal creative highlight was composing the “Da Touf Fairy” rap song.    It was a #1 hit song – with my son.   


I am also the wisdom translator for Fifi The Wise,  whose playful, witty, wise catty humor is found at:

Married,  and in a unique and loving relationship,  I find that loving – especially when it is hard – requires a good sense of humor,  and a commitment to the practice of choosing love over the wounds.   I have spent my life learning to choose love …. it is an ongoing practice.  

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute consult

A no-pressure opportunity to ask questions and explore further what might serve you. 


Certification and Training

Coach training and certification through The CoActive Training Institute, 

Certified Professional CoActive Coach, CPCC awarded  in Nov. 2000


Completed Co-Active Leadership Program, in 2002.

Completed  “Organizational and Relationship Systems Coach“  

(ORSC) program in 2005    CRRGlobalUSA

Awarded Master Coach Certification  (MCC) through the

International Coaches Federation (ICF) in 2006 

Inside Team  in 2009 through CRRGlobalUSA

“The Great Story Coaching Program”  in 2015 with Lucid Living

2020 Essence of Mastery Summit, Master Coach Presenter:
Conscious Competence to Unconscious Competence:

The Leap Into Mastery 

sponsored by Radical Wisdom

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"I am continually amazed and blessed by the depth of your gifts.

The quality of presence you so naturally radiate, combined with your 

laser like clarity of vision and profound commitment to empowering and holding space for the authentic unfolding of my own healing journey is rare, and has transformed my life. 

I now live from a depth of authenticity I never dreamed possible.

You are truly called to this path and I can only hope the others out there, 

like me, can find their way to your door.”  

Roslyn Stevens, Grapeview Washington

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