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Master Certified Coach

This can be the work of a lifetime, crossing the thresholds of

life into worlds of belonging, creativity, confidence and sustainability.  

We illuminate interior landscapes and meet obstacles honoring

talents and vulnerabilities.


Action steps grow out of choice, possibility,  right time and place.

Life is not a problem to be fixed.   

It is an adventure in remembering who you are. 

Our time together is designed to awaken, ignite clarity, generate passion, connect to purpose, and motivate action.   


This is a  practical, purpose-filled adventure.

We are a coaching partnership where support, accountability,  

humor, insight, and action arise organically from our exploration.  


Scroll down to my scheduling calendar below.

Star-Coach-Show-ep 179 Judith Duhl, MCC.
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"You coach holding such brightness,  presence, and space.  

A huge light opens up and  everything feels possible."  

Cynthia Loy Darst:  Senior Course Leader for both The Coaches Training Institute and CRRGlobal

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