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Soul Map

“We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and we have, like the best wines,  the qualities of the year and the season which witness our birth.”    
Carl Jung
Come Home to Your Self
The astrological chart created from your birth date, locale, and time is a map, a soul map,  for crossing the terrain of your life.  

I work with clients on their journey from transition to transformation. 
In having immersed myself in this ancient intuitive approach for over 40 years,  I translate your soul map (natal astrology chart)  to bring clarity, affirmation, insight and transformative perspective shifts. 
We explore the current circumstances in your life, what is needing your attention and support empowering choices and options.  

My focus is to approach the chart as an evolutionary story, a myth that is trying to grow, awaken and deepen us.  A map designed to illuminate your story,  your soul, your purpose.   
My clients often tell me they feel seen and known in a way that they rarely have.   I encourage you to bring any questions or issues you wish to explore.  

For More Information: 
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Schedule a 90-minute session 

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Clients Share Their Experience

"I'm filled to overflowing with the deepest gratitude and have no words profound enough to express the healing I experienced.  You are extraordinarily gifted.

I am in awe of the way you navigate and integrate  the seemingly disjointed myriad  threads of my experience into an integrated wholeness of being!


 I can never thank you enough!"   

Olivia Stevenson (July 2022)

"What got you through or supported you this past year?  (posted on FaceBook 12/31/20)

For me the list is long but I want to share that Judith Duhl, a brilliant astrologer and coach, made a crucial difference for me.  I have never been a particular believer in astrology but do believe in the guidance and perspective Judith has offered me over the years. And that perspective comes from her years of studying astrology.

But this year, she saved me from a particularly deep hole I was in, a place from which I doubted all the work I had done and could see no way I had added to a more just and hopeful world.  It seemed like all parts of my life were falling apart at the same time.  A time when (in the words of Rilke): “In flintlike layers, as the ore lies, alone; I am such a long way in I see no way through, and no space: everything is close to my face, and everything close to my face is stone.”

I called her because I could think of no way to find myself again, to see past that stone right in front of my face.  Her perspectives helped me to see clearly again, and know what I needed to do next.


Judith is insightful, kind, compassionate while saying what she sees and not holding back truth. I think it is very rare to find this and I recommend you call her, even if you aren’t sure why."   

Gina Kellogg

“Judith brings a depth of insightful psychological understanding to her reading of the astrological chart.  She is able to give a sense of how to work with patterns constructively, interpreting the chart in a way that feels compassionate, caring and warm rather than impersonal.  Judith brings the astrology down from the sky to the earth, making it feel very real and grounded, connected intimately to my life, my patterns, gifts, and vision.   One of the very important outcomes of the reading for me was a sharper understanding of my  particular gifts, and the suggestions on how to use them in ways to give my life a sense of purpose and meaning.”   

Mira Khazzam 

“Your giftedness, skills and spirit sensitivity along with your ability to swirl it all up into meaningful and right-on astro coaching still has me dazzled.  First off, I feel forewarned…and I feel understood…and I feel accepted…and I feel excited…and I feel happy to have a life filled with transformation. 


It doesn’t feel so peppy when it’s going on…and to show up when my spiritual hair is totally messed up is not my first choice…but it is part of the work so let’s have at it. So thank you again for giving of yourself and your gifts so abundantly and for reminding me of who I am when I totally forget.”    

Karla Donahue

“Yesterday I had a session with Judith Duhl, a brilliant astrologer,  who reads energy and life story in a chart the same way I read blood, with depth and insight and a level of integration not available to the common mortal.”    

Amy Fishman Smith (posted on her blog and shared with me.)

“I just got back from 5 days in Death Valley.  I took recordings from the spate of birth chart readings I got in  my  early 40’s.  Rick Tarnas (Passion of the Western Mind), Dennis  Harness (published author and high mucky muck in the world of Vedic  astrology), and Judith Duhl (earth goddess).  I listened to Rick’s tape once.  Dennis’ tape once.  Yours, however,  I keep playing over and over and over and over and over, hoping to  absorb everything you’re saying, deep into my marrow. You are very good.  What you say is the stuff I need to hear.  Over  and over and over.”     

Janna Wissler

Thank you so much for our session yesterday.  As always, as the information percolates, new insights arrive!  Thank you again for your compassion,  wisdom and insightful interpretation that once again puts me back on the path to my own authenticity!  How grateful I am to have you in my life!”    

Ann Honigman

“It is amazing to me how insightful and powerful your last reading was for me!  After listening to your tape, I realized how powerful your gift is.  I remember making the comment, “Is there something you aren’t telling me.”  Now, in retrospect, I see that you were sharing so much insightful information, it was just over my head at the time. I sincerely Thank You, and appreciate you sharing your gifts with me.”    AEP

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