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5 Tools for Perfectionists: Unlocking Action

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

If you are a perfectionist, then you know it is all about taking action.

Here are 5 ways to move into action when stuck in perfectionism.

Start Now.

1)  5 minute Sprints.   You have ONLY 5minutes. Have you ever noticed how much you get done in the last 5 minutes before you have to do something else? Set an alarm and when 5 minutes is up, stop. Or choose to do another 5 minutes, maybe even another 5 minutes. Do this every day.

2)  Angel on Your Shoulder. Put on the hat of someone who is brilliant at doing what you are putting off doing. Imagine you are them. How do they approach this action? What would they do to get this task done?  Have them be the angel on your shoulder. Stay attentive to the messages they are offering.

3)  The Way of Cats.  Set a clear intention – I am going to get such and such done by given date. Write it down and say it out loud. Read your intention every day or hour. Then do something else. Anything we walk away from will often want our attention. Notice how you might find this Action is following you around and rubbing itself against your legs. Take your energy away from the desired outcome.

4)  Permission to Procrastinate. What is stopping you from taking action? Whatever it is, fully embrace it. Give yourself permission to have this experience. Choose to procrastinate. Relish your skill at not taking action, celebrate it. You are brilliant. Give yourself a specific time frame, and then decide when you are going to take action or hire help.

5)  Almost Done.  Too much to do?  Overwhelmed? Pretend you are almost done.  50 items on a list?  Imagine you had 200 items and you have gotten most of them done.  You are almost done, keep going.   Just 5 more minutes!

So stuck that you can’t even begin any of this?

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