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Mercury Retrograde As Ally

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Mercury retrograde can  be like being on a voicemail with ongoing prompts, none of which get you to where you want to go, and then just as you are about to get connected, your call gets dropped.

A pithy version of how to cope : Slow Down, listen more closely to your intuition, write down dreams, start or deepen contemplative practices, sing, dance, write/read poetry. And do the best to release getting somewhere or getting somewhere fast.

Communication mishaps; the plans that go awry;  lost messages, emails, keys are giving the signal to pause.  Breathe.  

The tributaries that want to feed our thoughts and worldview are compassion, empathy and awareness of our interconnection.  

If your electronics are breaking, it might mean that more time is to be spent on the INNER-net.

This is a good time to notice where we are “pushing” to make things happen and explore a relational approach. Bring awareness to the inner realms; to the inner dialogue and step into a relational conversation with parts of our self which have been marginalized or have been backgrounded. 

Ask for help.  Trust the small whisperings of intuition, or start by just writing the small voices message.  Allow circuitous approaches to be honored – they are more than glitches or mistakes.  Often when Mercury is retrograde there is something not ready to be moved forward.  Let your plans ripen.

A simple and traditionally good adage for Mercury retrograde is honor the “Re”: restore, relax, revamp, recreate, renovate, rest, replay, remember, relate, rejoice, renegotiate, revise, realize, reevaluate, readjust, relish, reanimate, reflect, release, reconnect, renovate, reorient……

What might be wanting to be made REal that is lying dormant as a dream?

RElish what is trying to be made Real in its dormant state.

This is a time for Unexpected Allies and Ripening Dreams.

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