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We need allies as we face critical junctures in our life,
assisting us to release identities, stories, beliefs, and roles
to step across thresholds of new beginnings.

No matter the thresholds you are ready to cross: 

• Realizing dreams and goals 

•Translating gifts & talents into recognized and valued assets
• Unleashing creative expression
• Navigating relationship challenges at work or with family
• Honoring values and choices, opening doors into a sustainable career
• Living life unhindered by critical inner voices
• Creating and sustaining a healthier lifestyle

•Strengthening leadership and confidence

• Creating a balance between life and work commitments

• Infusing passion and meaning into work and  life

• Accompaniment and accountability in the Wobbles of Transition

. . . you stand at the threshold of an invitation.

An invitation to step into relationship with parts of your self
that has been calling to you from the edge of all you have known.
It is here at the threshold ... here where the seeds
of your transformation and evolution await.

Rock Maze

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute  consult

Come explore and ask questions, with no pressure. 

There are options for customizing coaching to best serve your schedule and finances.

About Me


Often clients arrive on my threshold knowing the next steps they need to take to move forward. They are intelligent, reflective, insightful and have been successful in many areas of life. 

And yet, something has eluded them.  There is a missing piece, a part of the jigsaw puzzle that has not been turned over.  They see the need for another perspective.

I have a lifetime of skills, techniques and practices in support

of my clients seeing the hidden pieces so that the puzzle of their life becomes a  perspective of wholeness and fulfillment. 

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